Japanese-Korean Commissariat Flag
Japanese-Korean Commissariat Flag
Japanese-Korean Commissariat Flag

Japanese-Korean Commissariat Flag

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At the time of the Tyrum’s arrival, Japanese-Korean relations were fraught with tension, having been severely tested during the Second Korean War just 14 years earlier. While historical disputes complicated efforts to promote a common front against the Tyrum, the military necessity of the situation overrode all other concerns. Today the Japanese-Korean Commissariat is one of the most closely integrated regions in the Union, and its advances in public transportation and civic infrastructure have become the standard across not only Earth, but all its colonies. While it possesses a highly diversified economy, it is especially famous for its colonial industries. Nearly every major colony within the Greater Terran Union was built, at least in part, on modular habitats, energy nodes, or water reclamation systems built in the Japanese-Korean Commissariat.

An amalgamation of the colors found in the former Korean and Japanese flags, the colors have no formally defined meaning and have been interpreted in many different ways. It was adopted in 2155.

This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semitransparent print perfect for indoor applications. Indoor use is suggested to maximize the life of the flag.

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