Karakum Commissariat Flag
Karakum Commissariat Flag
Karakum Commissariat Flag

Karakum Commissariat Flag

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Hastily established during the Tyrum War, the territory of what would become the Karakum Commissariat was based on overlapping military zones rather than any consideration for historical, cultural, or ethnic concerns. The last of the terrestrial commissariats to be fully integrated into the provisional military government, sporadic fighting between rival groups would continue for decades. High Marshall Bairam Mahdavi is widely credited with bringing a lasting peace to the region and the spaceport that bears his name was, for a time, the largest in the Solar System.

The flag of the Karakum Commissariat consists of bands of green, white, and red. The green is a symbol of nature, happiness, and vitality, the white a symbol of freedom, and the red represents those who martyred themselves against the Tyrum, their bravery, love, and warmth. It was adopted in 2154.

This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semitransparent print perfect for indoor applications. Indoor use is suggested to maximize the life of the flag.

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