Republic of Alfjari-Vet Flag
Republic of Alfjari-Vet Flag
Republic of Alfjari-Vet Flag

Republic of Alfjari-Vet Flag

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The youngest nation within the system, Alfjari-Vet’s unification occurred nearly simultaneously with the establishment of the Confederacy. Previously a loose collection of coastal city-states, their consolidation was in part, driven by the desire to be more strongly represented within the old Antares Assembly. It existed as a sovereign state for less than twelve months before the Articles of Confederation were signed. 

Alfjari-Vet has promoted itself as a middle power within the Confederacy. Its willingness to work with small and large nations alike during the Reunification Era while remaining neutral in wider political contests made the country especially reputable. The selection of one of its smaller cities, Sagallo, to become the capital of the Antares Confederacy, was seen as an agreeable compromise across the system. 

The nation’s largest employer is the Confederate Government, which since its founding has largely immunized Sagallo and Alfjari-Vet from economic downturns. Law firms, defense & civilian contractors, nonprofit organizations, industry trade groups and professional associations have disproportionately established their headquarters within the nation, in order to be close to the Federal Government.  


This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semitransparent print perfect for indoor applications. Indoor Use Is Suggested to Maximize the Life of the Flag. Due to limitations with the fulfillment service, this product does not have tracking available.

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